Summer Term

We are so glad you’re here. Thank you for taking time out of your busy day. There is so much going on this summer in the School of Education and throughout the University. We want to make sure that you feel at ease as you discover all we have to offer. If you are well-versed in the School of Education, then you already know what we’re made of, but if not, it’s ok! We’ve designed this space with all students in mind. We think it’s helpful to first explain that our school excels in three main areas:


Arts | Education | Health


Our school is the proud home of the Art, Dance, and Theatre & Drama departments. Classes range from photography to world dance cultures. Want to impress your abuela at that August wedding? We’ll teach you the tango. Make your own jewelry in our Metals workshop or learn how to snap the perfect photo of Lake Mendota for your Instagram. (Then make sure you tag #SoESummer). Explore your theatre interests in our scenery and costume construction studios. Go ahead. Get your art on. Learn More


Our School of Education includes more than teachers in training. Our focus extends beyond teacher education to fields such as global education, educational administration, and educational policy. We craft conversations about social justice and individualized learning throughout our programs. Learn about others. Learn about yourself. Get Educated. Learn More


Three departments ground the School of Education in physical and mental health. For example, we’ll be covering topics like marathon training and lifestyle balance. We’ll also be talking about emotional health in our substance abuse and psychology of suicide courses. As educators and learners, we understand the importance of self care, behavior change, and the promotion of healthy lifestyles. Be your healthy self. Be your best self. Learn More

Arts | Education | Health

Come learn with us.

What brings you here?

Why are you staying for summer? Need to get a few more credits before graduation? Don’t want to leave your friends? We’re sure there are a million reasons. If it helps, here’s why we’re staying:

What is SOE Summer Term...

This year, we are looking to offer over 160 courses over the summer, with more than three dozen brand new courses. In doing so, we are also exploring ways to showcase the School of Education through new innovative efforts like online courses and opening up enrollment to community members and non-UW students.

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Why we are here

The UW-Madison’s School of Education is consistently ranked as one of the finest schools of education in the United States and among the world. We are exploring new and exciting ways to extend our high-caliber instruction to as many students as possible.

What does summer look like in Madison?

From the university’s most in-demand courses to advanced topics, Summer Term combines flexibility with academic rigor. Sessions are 3 weeks, 4 weeks, or 8 weeks long. You’ll cover the same material as during a traditional semester, but everything moves faster. It’s a quick but manageable pace. We’ve curated a list of local resources to assist you in your learning and your leisure.

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Just trying to graduate?

We get it. Let’s get you a class you need and love.

Not sure what you need?

Talk to your advisor. They'll know what to do.