Selected Summer Courses

Topics you love. Courses you need.

Our departments have created some new courses and continued campus favorites. Just to name a few, we are exploring popular topics like Hamilton, Videogames and Learning, and Positive Psychology. We will be asking and answering questions like:

Understanding Dance

Intro to Education

Intro to Kinesiology

School of Education Spotlight

Julie Ganser

Undergraduate Advisor / Programs Director | Art Department

Do you ever feel unsure about your dreams for the future? We’re here to tell you that your feelings are normal and you’re doing just fine! Listen to Julie Ganser tell the fateful story of how she landed her job in the UW-Madison Art Department. She shares some comforting and inspiring insight.

Consider trying something new this summer.

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SubjectCourse NumberCourse NameOnline?
Theater/Drama619.3Hamilton: A Revolution-onlineOnline
Theater/Drama619.4Hamilton: A Revolution In-person
Theater/Drama219Acting Skills for Life
Art100Intro to ArtOnline/In-Person
Art104Three-dimensional Design
Art107Introduction to Digital Forms
Art108Foundations of Contemporary ArtOnline
Art112Drawing I
Art176Digital Photography for Non-MajorsOnline
Art208Current Directions in ArtOnline
Art236Writing for and about the ArtsOnline
Art244Art Metal I
Art448Special Topics: Digital StorytellingOnline
Dance100Understanding DanceOnline
Dance168Dancing Gender: Embodiment, Politics, and Feminist TheoryOnline
Dance268Political and Cultural Perspectives in Dance StudiesOnline
Dance318Cultural Cross Currents: W African Dance/Music in the AmericasOnline
Dance121Asian American Movement
Curriculum & Instruction277Videogames & LearningOnline
Curriculum & Instruction240Critical Aspects of TeachingOnline
Curriculum & Instruction375Classroom Management & Discipline
Kinesiology119Intro to KinesiologyOnline
Kinesiology123Living Well - Lifestyle Balance
Kinesiology200Intro to NeuroscienceOnline
Kinesiology235Human Physiology & Health
Kinesiology337Human Anatomy
Kinesiology338Human Anatomy Lab
Kinesiology350Intro to Exercise PsychologyOnline
Rehab Psychology & Special Education100Disability & Society
Rehab Psychology & Special Education300Individuals with Disabilities
Rehab Psychology & Special Education310Positive Psychology
Rehab Psychology & Special Education466Diversity in Special Education
Rehab Psychology & Special Education660Health Promotion
Educational Leadership/Policy Analysis502Perspectives on College Student Identity & Develop
Educational Leadership/Policy Analysis502Law and Public Education
Educational Policy Studies140Intro to EducationOnline
Educational Policy Studies150Topics: Film in EducationOnline
Educational Policy Studies340Comparative EducationOnline
Educational Policy Studies412History of American Education
Ed Psych301How People Learn
Ed Psych320Human Development in Infancy and ChildhoodOnline
Ed Psych321Human Development in AdolescenceOnline